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Choose Consistency

It all starts by building healthy habits and shedding bad ones. However, it only works when we stay consistent.

When things get tough, and you feel backed into a corner. Choose consistency! The moment you break and bow down to fear is the same moment you change the foundation from which you’ve laid. Being consistent will keep the flow of energy and stability. You need everything to be aligned for things to work for you. What is this energy?

Manifestations, intentions, and goals are all achieved by a few things. There is a lot of energy, hard work, and determination to stay on the desired path. I have seen this very thing happen; it is so heartbreaking! It doesn’t have to be you; it won’t be me anymore. Faltering is not an option this time.

Pick the path, passion, or goal. Figure out what steps you need to achieve said goal. Push, bend, slide, jump and run towards that goal. Consider your emotions to be distractions. They are not real. All toxic energy and triggers will arise, but you must be consistent. With consistency, there will be no need to mute the devil.

I’m excited to grow and shine with you all! I love you and wish you all peace whenever you are. Whatever life has thrown at you. You got this!

Organizing Life

The best way for me to stay calm in the life I live is to have a thorough organization system. I’m sure on some level you have your own methods, which is great! Keep it up!

A handful of notes, to calendars to manage and everyday changing task and goals can be quite the load. I am still working my system but it gets tweaked often and helps me greatly. I only tweak or adjust my system when I find myself buried in a whole trying to get out for air. There are many times, at most twice a month, where I feel like I am more than overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations of being an adult. I kind of hate some features included with adulting – was never really ready for it. But I’m learning and surviving that’s all that matters.

I’m able to organize my day by writing down or saving everything. When I’m on a call, you better believe I have pen and paper nearby. When arriving home from work, I pack lunch and get clothes laid out for tomorrow before relaxing or showering. I’m still trying to find a balance between social media, blogging, sewing, yoga and so much more.

Maybe I’m doing too much? NAHHHH!

I enjoy staying busy. As long as my day ends with a few accomplishments and positive energy. Another way to stay on top of things is to over communicate with involved parties. Plan or use a calendar. Cleanse your wardrobe or random things collecting dust in your house. Minimize the junk in your life, purse or nightstand.

Lastly, the hardest of it all- consistency. Build these tricks into a habit and you can only do better. Regardless, life can still be overwhelming but we can only worry or stress what is in our control. There are many ways to get organized play around with ideas that work for you.

Xoxo – oyy