I’m back

My biggest apologies about my absence. I've been in and out of the trenches. Wether it be work, sewing, family, and health. I now have four holes in my mouth. My wisdom teeth were finally removed thank goodness. That pain was no longer welcome. I'm still on a soft diet due to healing. It's a … Continue reading I’m back

Spring is here!

Screaming "Hell yessssss!" to this warmer weather. I'm so glad I can start taking layers off of this chocolate skin. The sun is out and about sharing it's rays. As of now there are no showers on standby - I couldn't ask for more. Feeling the sun on my skin makes the day just that … Continue reading Spring is here!

Learning your role

What roles do you play in the life you live? I have been logging different examples to explain and understand the different roles we play in this life. I am currently a woman, sister, daughter, auntie (as well as other family roles), friend, partner, coworker, and the list builds. We need to focus on some … Continue reading Learning your role

latest news…

So I am all well and recovered. Thank goodness! I really can't imagine how hospitalized sick people get through the day. Being stuck in a room and told to rest, ugh! My mind and body fought every hour of quiet. It was way too quiet, Yana and Tails could see me cringing out of my … Continue reading latest news…

Adulting to the Max

So It's time for an update. A lot has been going on and I really didn't have the time or sanity to get to you. Recently, I got a new car after discovering several costly complications with Frankie. She will be missed. I have yet to name the newbie, it'll come. The newbie had its … Continue reading Adulting to the Max

another year, new goals.

My goals this year did not become an exhaustive list that I will later regret. Instead, I decided to pick and chose things that are logical, challenging, easy and brave. A mixture of these things gives me various possibilities to be successful. All I need to do is stay focused and never give up. This … Continue reading another year, new goals.