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Poop game!

You think I am kidding but my poop game is strong, proud to admit too! Regularly pooping is among the top things that make me happy throughout the day. It’s insane to read or hear I’m sure but it makes me feel more rounded and healthy in the day to count and make poop goals.

Don’t act as if women are fragile delicate china, 

we poop too! 

You better hope your public bathroom is not just one stall and/or it has a spray. I was thinking of asking for Poopourri for Christmas just so I can carry it in my purse – alongside my hot sauce. I mean at least I am considerate.

I love to poop. I don’t like to be rushed doing it nor do I like to hold off on doing it. Just as it comes naturally, I like to relieve myself the same way. I even tell TMI (too much information) when it’s relevant. 

I have a few questions as well, so try to keep up!

  • Am I the only one to look at my poop?
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t mind using the lue in public?
  • Why can’t we talk about poop? Is it a sacred subject?

My partner and I even have a game to where we ask about each others PC (poop count) – yes I said it. Judge me, agree with me and/or think it is disgusting, whatever you come to is more than fine with me. Just know that everyone poops and it’s okay to talk about it. Until next time my loves.

Xoxo oyy silly

You can’t polish a turd!

– Kenneth Turnbull