Endometriosis & Me

I'm not really sure when the symptoms really started. I started my period when I was a young little thing. I was on my way to middle school. I was told it was tough. I believed it, heck I got to see it prematurely. My oldest sister had terrible periods. She'd lie on the floor … Continue reading Endometriosis & Me

Adulting: Health Concerns

I have been all over the place the past few weeks. Mostly with my health concerns on the rise. Have I ever stated adulting is hard? If not then there you have it. I'd love to be a child again, harassing my mom and getting into all kinds of ruckus. Lately, I have experienced extended … Continue reading Adulting: Health Concerns

Hosting our first party

So the party was a success. There was enough space for everyone and way too much food. Even with all the stresses I had before the party, everything turned out just fine. I will go ahead and disclaim that I wasn't able to get any pictures. I am terribly sorry. My partner and I were … Continue reading Hosting our first party

The Depot

Located only thirty minutes from me, open seven days a week stands a big place called The Depot. I mean, it's only 88,000 square feet of antique heaven. They even have a fabric shop inside, which makes it all worth-while. I literally have to plan a day just to go there. My thirty-minute commute turns … Continue reading The Depot