twenty-seven dresses

After purging my closet of some old dresses, I can now say that I only own twenty-seven dresses. This meant a lot to me and my partner. For different reasons, haha. He definitely has a bit more space in the closet now. I got rid of two boxes of dresses. It was truly hard to …

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party planning

As much as I like throwing a party, I'd rather not plan it. Well, that is when I am behind and everything seems last minute. Oh, time flies when you are busy working for multiple people. It's hard to work for yourself sometimes. I have been planning a house warming party for my partner and …

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Earthhhh dayyy.

Oh, how we need to take care of this big blue and green we live on. Somethings don't last forever. Days as beautiful as today remind me that not everything is promised. We need to take care of what we have in order to cherish it for years to come. Mother Earth needs love too!