Poop game!

You think I am kidding but my poop game is strong, proud to admit too! Regularly pooping is among the top things that make me happy throughout the day. It's insane to read or hear I'm sure but it makes me feel more rounded and healthy in the day to count and make poop goals. … Continue reading Poop game!

Organizing Life

The best way for me to stay calm in the life I live is to have a thorough organization system. I'm sure on some level you have your own methods, which is great! Keep it up! A handful of notes, to calendars to manage and everyday changing task and goals can be quite the load. … Continue reading Organizing Life

It’s too late for turkey…

First, let's be clear, I do not like the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving. I like to think of the holiday as a national day off to be with and eat with family an friends. It's a day to be merry and not think about the pounds of food to gain. It's a day where almost … Continue reading It’s too late for turkey…

Anxiety and me.

The ups and downs no matter the importance growing up were so petty and/or ridiculous compared to what we face in the adult world. I have had some great teachers, role models, and family members supporting and guiding me to where I am today. But that doesn't change the fact that I felt unprepared for … Continue reading Anxiety and me.